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Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


The Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) is a multidisciplinary research center created by the Florida Legislature in 2007.

Our mission is to help the State of Florida improve teaching and learning in K-12 science, technology, engineering and math and prepare students for higher education and STEM careers in the 21st century.

Located at The Florida State University, FCR-STEM is administered by the Learning Systems Institute.

Through impacts on classroom practice, FCR-STEM strives to:

  • Improve student achievement in STEM fields
  • Narrow student achievement gaps in STEM fields
  • Increase student pursuit of STEM fields

We accomplish these goals primarily through rigorous research and developmentoutreach and resources.


FCR-STEMLearn - logo

FCR–STEM and its partners are building FCR–STEMLearn, a comprehensive program to deepen teachers’ knowledge of mathematics and science, to establish collaborative lesson study teams at their schools and to enhance their capacity to teach challenging courses in these critical fields. FCR–STEMLearn is supported by $14.3 million in grants from U.S. Department of Education, administered through the Florida Department of Education.


FCR-STEM distributes a newsletter about projects and resources related to STEM education. Read the January 2014 newsletter HERE.

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Registration is now open for the FCR–STEM Conference 2014, May 28-30 in Fort Lauderdale.

The FCR–STEM Conference will create a high-quality professional development opportunity for hundreds of Florida’s K-12 math and science educators as world-class researchers and experts share the latest developments in STEM education.

Learn more about the FCR–STEM Conference — the largest of its kind in Florida — and register at

If you have questions about the conference or the presentations, please contact Vivian Alarcon at FSU’s Learning Systems Institute at

FCR–STEM held two successful conferences in 2011 and 2012.

News about the 2014 FCR–STEM Conference will also be available via the FCR-STEM Newsletter (subscribe here).